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BiPlant Brochure

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Biplant creates communication solutions totally dedicated to shop-floor management.
The system enact simultaneously the operator, the team manager, the information and the interactivity between the actors.
The system is supported by two technological axes: the content associated to the management applications and the modular conceptualization in the architecture.

• Immediate productivity gains
• Efficiency gains between 20-30%
• Productivity gains between 10-20%
• Team involvement in the decision-making processes
• Problem solving on the shop-floor in real time
• Increased production line knowledge
• Better internal communication
• Interactive control and dynamic supervision
• Follow-up of production through mobile technologies

Technological Support


Web Technologies

Mobile and Cloud Computing

Visual Management

in the

Shop-floor communication tools
Team coordination tools
Ferramentas para coordenação de equipas
Important information caption from other departments (quality, maintenance, process and engineering, HR)
Production information capture and visual exhibition for the shop-floor in real time
Shift planning and organization
Information for transition shifts
Management indicators adjusted to the operational teams



Production data related to shifts: cadence, production objectives, information and operational status from machines, particular specifications, operating and set-up times. Other relevant information that may be important to the team. "Top-down" and "Down-top" communications. Operational alerts. Specific information related to area, teams and production lines.


Key Performance Indicators: OEE, performance, productivity and quality.
Waste and non-quality data, rework and other measurable losses (oil and electricity).
Charts presenting indicators evolution, chosen accordingly with their relevance to team productivity.


Communication and following board dedicated to team starting.
Check-List to important activities that may precede the production starting: proceedings and verification actions to production last status.
External agenda imposed by supporting areas as maintenance, quality, engineering and processes, HR or computing, that may affect the team planned daily program.


Communication and following board dedicated to team planning.
Routines and tasks to the period that could not be forgotten.
Internal and External agendas with events to the day affecting production: training, audits, maintenance actions or process changes.


The module pretends to indicate the teams in the production area/unit or section, how they are composed and who's the supervisor and team leader.
Rapidly the responsible in the supporting areas (quality, maintenance, engineering and processes) may be identified.
Permit to display competencies and other skills important to the operators operational performance.


Being associated with the Team module, it permits to manage operations flexibility and to implement a cross-analysis between individual team competencies and workplace technical needs.
It is a tool specially designed to analyse versatility in teams totally visual and with simple interpretation.


An app pretending to capture and registry ideas inside the factory, easily.
Permit to obtain data and important indicators to the creative capacity inside the teams, and analyse its evolution and update the action dynamics: n.º ideas, applied ideas or ideas typology.


Alert teams and individuals to the importance of safety inside the factory.
Obtain relevant indicators: days without accidents and reported incidents.
Evaluate the team performance, supported by the safety indicators in association with an action plan. More and better is less: Less accidents and More safety.


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